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Default Galveston in November?

Hey y'all. I'm heading down to Galveston TX for a week in mid-November and will have some time for DIY flyrod wading. I'm mostly a freshwater trout bum these days, but I also put time in on NY/NJ/CT beaches and flats for stripers, blues and albies, and bonefish in Belize, the Keys, and the Bahamas, so I'm not helpless (matter of opinion, I guess) or asking anyone to burn any spots, but I sure would appreciate a point in the right direction. I'm taking an 8 wt, a box of clousers, shrimp and crab patterns, and poppers, and just looking for suggestions on where to park without getting towed, where to wade in without trespassing, and where I have a chance to find some bait showers, tailing fish, birds working, or just some fishy looking water. Much appreciated!
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