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Default Re: Rotated Guide on Shakespeare 1280T Fly Rod?

Originally Posted by theboz View Post
Worry more about damaging your new rod , those older glass rods can really take a beating!
Can't help but recall that old fiberglass bow (as in archery) that shredded when I tried to string it. Hope it doesn't happen to my old fiberglass rods. & one of the old rods is either split cane or bamboo. That's the one I'm most worried about.

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Originally Posted by buddhist_palm View Post
... I think it says it's a wf8 but take a look at the link fiberglass fly rods / Shakespeare
I think you should post a photo
On a side note I agree, learn casting on your newer rod, might be easier in the beginning. What was the new rod you purchased?
Thanks much for the pointer to the website; that's the same site I found & used to figure out that the rod was made in Jul 1951. Am still confused on translating the lines that chart says I should use, but will figure it out.

I'm not afraid to tackle the job of reworking the guide. It'll make me feel a little closer to my grandfather & grandmother who taught me to fish a long time ago, so I'll have a smile on my face even if I screw up the work on the guide. ;-> Just want to be sure that I'm not letting my ignorance undo something good when I move that guide.

Photo? Hummm. Will have to do that this weekend, if anybody is interested. Gotta admit tho, that it really isn't a pretty rod anymore.

The new rod I bought is a 6 weight RLS. I think it was $160 for rod, reel, line & case. Good enuf to learn on but won't make me cry if I get clumsy & break it.

Thanks much to both of you for your interest, answers & help!
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