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Default Re: good starter kit

as frank said,
if you are going to tie specific patterns such as bead head hares ear nymph, pheasant tail, sow bug's, and other smaller flies that run a more natural look why would you want to get a kit with a bunch of pink and orange maribou and hackles, egg yarn ect. ect. it takes forever to get what you think is everything you need and even then you still write list's of materials you are missing or ran out of.
alot of money but i love the montana mogoose vise made by griffin, if you take care of it you will never need another unless you tie commercially. when i started i bought a vise, stone fly tool kit (so-so) and the materials needed for LT. Cahill in 14-18, BH Hare's ear nymph 12-20, and pheasant tail BH and flash back and before i knew it i was ready to try new patterns as i got cozy tying these patterns.
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