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Default Re: Cabela's CGT or TQR

coolhand, I appreciate the candor and it is a help. I have actually made one purchase for a shorter lightweight glass rod and intend on commissioning another.

Originally Posted by coolhand View Post
Cabelas is a retailer that has someone - probably offshore, build rods for them to put their name on. No rod designer, no R & D. Not a rod company, period. Never seen any of their fly fishing products that were worth a darn.

Why support them at all?

At least buy a rod from a "rod company", whose main business is designing and selling fly rods. If you want an inexpensive rod, fine. There are many legitimate Fly Rod Companies that build affordable products, get a rod from them.

Cabelas is the 1000lb Gorilla of the sporting goods retailers. They shamelessly push their Cabelas branded products, some of which are ok, but a lot of it is just cheap "stuff". It is sad that good, legitimate rod companies do business with them. As all they do is use the Sages, Winstons, and G. Loomis's to bring fly fishermen in the door, and then they push the more inexpensive, Cabelas branded product to close the sale. Why these manufacturers enable them is mysterious.

But it is what it is.

No help to the OP, but just a rant against the big box stores.
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