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Default Re: Long Island Bahamas Bonefish DIY info desired.............

I have fished on Long Island twice in the past year. Once with Docky Smith who works out of the Stella Maris resort on the north end of the island and on the south end with Samuel Knowles. Both are excellent guides. Do a google search and you will find other guides. The cost is going to be in the $450 range. Booking with Samuel Knowles is nearly impossible since he has repeat business that books a year in advance.

As to self-guided fishing I would be a bit hesitant since without specific knowledge of the flats you could be in for a nightmare. There are many hard flat but there is also muck that would kill you. The flats especially on the south end of the island are enormous most of which are accessible only by boat. Finding the fish on a given day is the biggest issue which can be challenging at times even for the guides. There are good numbers of fish but where they are on a given day is the issue. The bones can be on the flats, moving on the channel edges, or sometimes hanging out in deep water in the channels. Looking out over huge flats without a fish in site is tough business indeed. There are flats in the south end of Long Island that are easily the size of 100 football fields. The lack of mobility of only wade fishing on a self-guided trip could mean you don't see any fish. A flat can be barren but a few minutes later could have fish all around then they are gone just as quickly. The ability to move about with a guide is money well spent if your going to the make the effort and incur the travel expenses to get to Long Island.

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