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Default Beginner's nymph and questions

Hey guys,

I caught my first fishes on fly rod a couple days ago. These were coarse fishes(European Species like Rudd) . They were interested in most of the nymph patterns but the ones with bead attracted more fish.

This one was the favourite(i bought it. Not tied it myself)
Click the image to open in full size.

I wanted to tie something similar to that. I used a white bead instead of a golden one. Do you think a white bead will work fine? Because i never see white beads on flies. Mostly reflective materials like gold or silver. My dubbing is too thick i guess.

Click the image to open in full size.

I wonder 1 thing really: For example while you are fishing for bass you can use 1000 colors of the same lure pattern and be successful pretty much all the time(even if the lure has extremely crazy colors) .

What about for fly fishing? How accurate should colors be? Can i tie a nymph in crazy colors(that doesn't exist in nature) and be successful or does it have to be in the exactly same colors with what's in the nature? I hope i am clear here.

A bass will attack a purple fishing lure , even though there are no purple fishes in his diet. What about for fly patterns? Will fishes like a purple fly or nymph?

Thanks guys.
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