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Default Re: Beginner's nymph and questions

Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
I'm sure in the past you've seen those foam brushes that are used to clean your dishes... Find a yellow one... Cut out a chunk of foam... Take a brown marker and color one end... That's the crust... Put it on a hook... Now you got a bread fly. Also carp will take all kinds of other flies... Nymphs... Buggers... Etc. So don't feel you need a bread fly to catch a carp.

Also for deep water try fishing at dawn and dusk or even at night if it allows... This'll increase your chances of catching fish that retreat to the safer deeper water during the day... But come in shallow in low light conditions to feed.
Itchmesir thanks for the advice. I have a lot of dish foams in my kitchen. I will use them to tie some.

You know, in a lake(let's say the depth is 10 ft) you cast your baits with a sinker and just wait. How does that happen in fly fishing? Should i cast it and wait until a fish comes and gets it?

Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Don't feel like you are alone, we all make the same mistakes when first starting to learn to tie flies, too much material and crowding the eye of the hook are pretty much the mistakes we all make. Just something to think about when tying and trying to avoid.

Glad to have you fly fishing and participating on the forum and best of luck with your tying and going after Carp, they can be quite the challenge but well worth the effort to figure out how to catch on a fly rod.

Thank you Larry. I am trying my best. So glad to have you guys to help me.

Originally Posted by buddhist_palm View Post
we as anglers have to make the best of the areas we live when we go fishing

turkey doesnt seem like the fly fishing mecca of the world but maybe your just a pioneer

carp are great fun on the fly and maybe you should explore these further

they will take all sorts of nymphs and simple flies as well as
"bread" imitations
What are the chances of getting a carp on the fly? Is it a common thing to catch carps on fly?

Should i cast my bait and just leave it after sinking down or wait for a couple seconds and cast again?

Guys with your guidance, i tied that fly again. I tied and untied these about 3 times each, until i got some satisfactory results. Since the hook i use is soooo small i can't tie it very well. On red body part i couldn't hide the line but i guess the fish will like these. I think one of them is still a little too fat while the other one is a little too skinny .

Click the image to open in full size.
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