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Default Re: Beginner's nymph and questions

First of all, HELP GUYS! My nymphs sink soooo fast. It takes 1 second to get to the bottom. I use angora wool as dubbing material and apparently it soaks all the water and makes the fly too heavy. Also the red part of the fly is a wool. Should i change the material? What else can i try using?

Originally Posted by buddhist_palm View Post
oh, you'll get em

try sight fishing for feeding carp

sinking sure but stripping and twitching it in his face might be good too

ive been looking at the internet at fly fishing in turkey

depending on where you are, there really seems to be quite a diverse fishing scene over there

seems like you guys have a wide range of climates over there, from coastal, mountain, desert, and a bit of everything in between
Sight fishing is not possible because they never come up but i will try.

Thanks for making a research for me but unfortunately you'll find nothing about Fly Fishing in Turkey . We have a lot of species but the problem is not about species.

The problem is pollution and people being savage. They never release fishes. They cast nets, they use dynamits and all kind of ugly things. The joy of fishing means nothing to them. They just care about fish meat and that's it. I release fishes all the time and most of the people think i am idiot.
When you go to a lake you will see plastic bottles and bags everywhere. So ugly...

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I think you may find that both of those nymphs will work. A lot of carp are caught on the fly in Europe and the US for sure.

Does your pike lake freeze in winter and kill the weeds? I am guessing yes because that is usually the climate where pike live. If so, you might want to try that lake in late winter and very early spring. Your 5WT should cast a small streamer well enough and that could catch some pike. If you catch pike or carp on your 5WT I think you will have a permanent smile. You will need to use a good leader or even a smaller pike will bite off your tippet with ease.
Our lakes don't freeze. Not cold enough unfortunately. But i guess some of the weeds do die. I will try to do that soon . TY
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