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Default Re: Beginner's nymph and questions

buddhist_palm i appreciate your helps so much. I know that you might think that i am wrong at saying there is no fly fishing here but i am not . I assure you that there are no more than a couple hundreds of people who have ever seen a fly rod in real life .

We got some rivers too but very few of them are suitable for fly fishing. Most of them don't have good fish populations and are badly corrupted.

I know i complain so much but that doesn't mean i am not gonna try. Even catching coarse fishes is a great fun for me. So i won't care so much that other people killing pikes, carps, trouts or other precious species because i will go after worthless coarse fishes. They taste bad and they are worthless in terms of gamefishing and thus not often hunted by people but they are absolutely fun to catch .
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