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Default How do you identify your lines?

Hi folks,
First, thanks for all the great information you all post on this site.

I've just started fly fishing again after a 15 year layoff (don't ask), and when I dug all of my gear out of storage, I find I have a few reels spooled with line.
The reel I used all of the time, I know has a Wulff TT 6 floating line on it. At 56 years old I, of course, went through an aquisition phase and accumulated a bunch of equipment.
The problem is any markings I put on the line have since faded or I've forgotten what the magic marker indications are. I always meant to store the line back on the manufacturer's spools for storage, but the best laid plans of mice and men, etc.(bad stevie....bad)
So how do you folks mark your lines so you know what's what?

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