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Default Re: Need Western PA recommendations

Thanks Mark,
That's what I was looking for... I have planned to stop in at Ligioneer Outfitters in the near future... Being so new to Fly fishing, I really needed some one to say, "you should get this, and this, and this for a basic all around kit. Then get this and this and this for these conditions.... "

Right now I am in the process of putting together the basic "fly kit" from step 1 .... Probably order some from Orvis while the sale is going on.... Step 2 will happen as I get out more, and hook up with the local guys that have offer help.

Been talking to anyone and everyone that might give me some info... a guy told me yesterday to use an Adams parachute and an olive beaded wooly bugger... didn't say why, just that the fish seemed to really want to hit them... His family sat down at the picnic table next to us at the Keystone state park yesterday. He noticed my spinning rod and tackle box sitting there we just started chatting about fishing .... I mentioned that I was getting into fly fishing and it went from there... I wished I had a pad and pen to take notes!
Steve Uhall
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