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Default Re: How important is looking the part?

A year or 2 ago i bought some cheap gear (2nd hand and new) and started out. Going in a club to learn to cast and did my first fishing trip with them for 2 days and fall in love with flyfishing.

It was the end of the season so in the time waiting for the new season i changed work and i have terrible hours, my girlfriend had health problems and the fishing was driven to point zero again but never leaved my mind.

Now that everything is getting in place again i tried my waders and my feet didn't fit anymore (waders and shoes) so i had to buy new gear. You need to wade and it's to cold and wet here in the beginning of the season for sandals and shorts.

The reason i bought this are that it had a very versatile sizing chart (what the cheaper ones didn't have), i got long legs and needed the longer foot
I could score some of those in a closeout online now with made me saving like 400 usd on 2 pieces. The rest i bought in the local shop and he has the same brand. And i confess i wanted something a bit more durable and where i read good reviews from. I just bought one thing because i liked it looking good and thats a beanie.

On the other hand when i go for my pike flyfishing now i only where a bad condition working pants and rain jacket with cheap rubber boots and some warm fleece nothing fancy.

So now i will look like a catalogue guy, does this matter.
And yes i gonne need alot more false casting to get line out and learn alot more about entomology and water reading but i think everyone has this when starting out.

The reason i'm going out there is because i love fishing and be in nature, i also love the feeling of the water streaming around my legs being out there trying to break the code of how to do it, and take every fish as a bonus. So if looks or appearance will judge on that i find it kind of sad.
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