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Got it now --

All I would advise is to slow down your stroke -- think smooth and silky, and your loops will smooth out a bit and you use a lot less effort. Try to make your backcast look just like a mirror image of your forward cast.

Also -- you are using a lot of wrist, which is common with new casters. However! Some excellent casters use a fairly wristy it's not always a problem, but many times it can hinder a beginner. You might experiment with using more forewarm and less wrist (i.e. keep the wrist fairly stable) and see if it works for you.

Just practice with very little fly line out until you can get very good loops back and forth with little effort. You'll do great and you're off to a good start

One more minor note -- your stroke speed appears fairly "uniform". You want to strive for a very slow start and then a fairly abrupt acceleration to a hard stop -- like "flicking paint off of a paint brush" back and forth. Hopefully that makes sense. It's really the hard STOPS that fling the fly line out so nicely . Gentle, slow acceleration to a firm STOP. You can even do this on the grass and let the fly line drop to hte ground behind you, and then in front of you -- over and over.

Check this out to see what I mean --

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