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Default Re: Rio Switch Chucker Impressions

Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post

Do you plan to do more indicator nymph/egging and less swinging or more swinging than nymph/egging?
Hi Jaybo, Pa cope !!

Well, I'll practice 70% nymphing 30% swinging streamers. When I say nymphing, it's indi fishing and bottom bouncing with pretty good amount of weight....

I had differents thoughts: here from a user

Read the comments, according to him, the line 7 is better.

Now, I sent a mail at Redsflyshop, and say the 8 wt line is better.....

Stick with the "B" rating, as even a lot of highly experienced spey casters stick with the heavier line recs. I hope this helps.

Red's Fly Shop Guys and Gals

That said, rods can be touchy and you might find that on the Dually, the A recommendation is where it's at. 520 Grains seems like a bit of overload to me, just my opinion.

Exactly Jaybo.... 520 grains is a lot for the rod recommendation of +/- 50 of 475..... and 465 grain (7 wt) should be ok... maybe a little light for a beguinner like me, but I almost always fish with weight (spli shot). The better option I see, is the regular Switch line 6/7 (500 grains)

That said, I'd like to swing streamers. But, in this case, changing the spool of the reel and going with a Skagit..... No ?

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Found this:

Redington Dually Switch Rod Review and Rio Switch Chucker Fly Line | Red's Fishing Report and Blog

from the page :

Rio Switch Chucker Fly Line Review:

Alas. A Shooting Head style line for switch rods with a gentle back taper so that you can handle an indicator at 30+ feet. We have been waiting for this line! Prior to this line the best “contiguous one piece” fly line that filled the bill was the Wulff Ambush. Which is still an awesome line! Especially if you plan to exclusively shooting line and swing flies or strip streamers. I got the pleasure of casting this line as a prototype far before it actually hit the market. In fact, I have a pretty worn it out casting everything that swings on my Sage 7116-4 ONE Switch Rod. These lines are “sized to fit” so a #7 Rio Switch Chucker gets paired with a 7 weight switch rod. Super easy.

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