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Bingo -- Rip hit it.

I generally prefer a "standard" head length WF line for most conditions. However, for SH spey casts and long distance casts, I like the longer head WF lines quite a bit.

If you fish big water like I often do, the WF is really the way to go. The ability to stand far back on a flat and really toss a streamer out to the fish is a benefit here -- it's a lot easier to shoot a WF running like out there. HOwever, I don't generally like the extreme WF lines (bass taper, SW taper, etc.) because I don't fish particularly large flies often. If I did, they would be a good choice.

If you fish smaller water, the difference between a DT and WF line is minimal or non-existent (given the same front taper, etc.), so take your pick.
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