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Default Re: Best Low End 9'5wt

Originally Posted by miamimikepa View Post
You guys love to over complicate stuff. Just need a middle of the road rod that can be used for all trout applications. Doesn't need to be perfect at everything, but able to do everything to some extent. He lives 10 states away and has no idea we are getting it for him so there is no way he is going to have any input. He doesn't have any preference as of yet, because he is a novice and brand new to this. All he knows is that he wants a 9'5wt because that's what he was told was the best all around size by Orvis. We arent going to get him something cheap cause he won't like it. We want to spend like $300 on him so we are trying to figure out what the best rod for the situation is.

You are right and that is where I'm leaning...Sage Approach.
I would say the Redington Classic Trout is IMHO the best rod for $300. If you told me you would buy me any rod up to $300 I would still want a Redington Classic Trout. There isn't a rod I like better in that range.

Get him a CT and spend the rest of the dough on a nice reel and line.
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