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Default Re: As a Grand Parent for your Grand Child.

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Where have you been, what have you done, what have you seen?

doing a 'cut and paste' and saving that to a word doc for the Munckin's?

Good idea, but we would all have to lie about everything!

It's good for the old folks to talk about what they did, but if our kids analyze things too closely, they will become as crazy as I am! LOL

Today at a early Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's house we prayed before the big meal (I prayed too, although I know all religion is only a hoax to control the poor folks) but it's a nice thing for my kids to do!

Last week all over TV was the Kennedy assignation. (he was shot in the face, and the media blamed it on a stupid Russian shooting out of a window with a bolt action super slow rifle) but it's a good thing they did. Kennedy wanted to stop the wars, like a Hippie from the 60's, and stop the war machine! We need the Haliburtons, etc, to keep the economy strong ..... and surround the remaining oil and keep it for the US! War is good for our economy!!

911 was a hoax! (the twin towers were brought down with explosives set the week before by our ?) Shanksville, right here in PA, showed a 20' wide hole with no plane wreckage or dead bodies ..... no way a gigantic 747 could have hit there? The pentagon has a 15' hole ...... again, no way a huge 747 could have hit there and completely disintegrated? But it got the American people to spend billions on the Iraq war?

Moon landing was all fake! (the farthest we have ever gone in space is 400 miles. The moon is 240,000 (that's 600 times as far, 50 years ago, and the killer radiation, and the 250 temp on the moon)! I've seen so much info on that, I'm totally convinced! But it put US first in the space war? Nobody around the world believes this lie, but a lot of Americans do? Why hurt the kids?

All we could really tell the "munchkins" is how great the fishing was back when we were kids? Everything is overpopulated now, and everything is way too built up for the great fishing we used to have?

So why lie to our kids? Let them play video games and eat the polluted processed food? They deserve to live a happy life like we did?
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