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Default Re: WTT - Redington CT 5wt

Originally Posted by stl_geoff View Post
You're correct, I didn't. My sale price outside of a trade was starting at $75.

BUT wait you'll say!! I can buy a new one from Cabela's right now for $74.97!

Correct!! However, you have to pay for shipping, taxes ( if there's one in your state ) and then you need to buy line, and a reel. You're looking at many additional dollars to spend, whereas for MY super happy deal of $75 it gets a free ride to your house, 5wt GPX line that still casts like new, no taxes, and the astounding new offer of some of my excellently ( hahahaha ) tied flies. Plus you get to read this sort of whimsical sales pitch.
Can get free shipping at times, or $5 shipping if a club member, no sales tax for me, got a reel, line and backing in the office but you are throwing in the line . And your rod is used. The line makes up for that I guess, but its used as well.

Interested in a TFO Pro Special 8'6' 5wt 4pc, slightly used (5-6 times), a beautiful deep green shaft w/ gold colored lettering, clean cork, showroom condition, low miles. Feels like a 4wt to me compared to my other 5wt's. No line or flies in the deal from my end. ?? Just messing with ya.
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