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Default Re: Why oh why is the Hardy CLS so heavy? Ugh!

I just bought the CLS as I planned on lining it for a few rods. I put 8w wf f on it with 125 yard backing and thought this is going to be heavy for my 5w I'm going to buy. Talked to a few though that said it is fine with a 9' 5w so I'll have to see. I bought the reel so it would be my main quality reel as I liked the cassette system although I wish they would come out with a smaller version of it or Greys come out with a smaller version of the 7000 series cassette reel.

I really like the cassette system though and the drag system is silky smooth and the quality is great. Beats the hell out of the Cortland LTD if used in the past. I did recently look at the Greys 700 and found it to be great for half the price and the 500 although not machined is great to for under $80.00.

Looking forward to next years line up to see if they have smaller versions of these reels as I would buy one in a second if they do but Hardy/Greys was bought out I believe by the people who do Abu Garcia so we'll have to wait and see. Abu Garcia has always built quality so hopefully the Hardy/Greys quality continues under new owners.

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