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Default Re: Now THAT was Stupid

I have done some stupid things ................

Fishing for Bass when it was cold enough outside that the water froze on the line and made curly cues on my line while retrieving. ( First trip last year)

Missing fish after fish on TWO seperated occasions because my hook was in that tree back there. (Really annoying, is it not?? LOL)

Fishing with a wind knotted leader for Bass, cause afterall, I'm not going to hook anything that big.

Fishing for Crappie in weather cold enough that I was wearing snow pants in a boat. And 3-4 upper layers minus coat.(I beleive)

Fishing in weather windy enough to cause 2-1/2 - 3 foot waves. In a boat. Toatally exposed to the full force of the wind sweeping 3/4 of a mile down a lake. We were right at the center of the dam. Needed the big motor on full throttle to get out of there.

Not wearing a pfd in the instances above.

Charging into a trout stream like a mad bull 20 feet above an old gentleman serenly enjoying his little stretch of ater. ( My first time.......)
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