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Default Re: Floating line... WF or DT

In general the first thirty feet of the DT and the WF are the same so if I'm fishing out to 50 feet with the rod and leader taken in to consideration it makes absolutely no difference to me. You really have to get out past 50 feet before the characteristics in the different designs come to play, but myself I have to question the value attributed to the WF line with regard to it's shooting ability. How much further does it shoot...5 feet?...and that 5 feet is happening at the full distance cast of the line, not at true fishing distances. The DT will shoot line also and hold it's own with a thin running line of the WF. Fishing at 90 feet represents way less than 1% of all my experience so I have a hard time realizing any benefit whatsoever.

I think the fly fishing community will agree that the DT shines at line mending at long distance...distance out beyond the 30 foot common line designs of both the DT and WF because the DT has the mass to get the rod tip flicks through the tip to the end of the line on the water. I agree !

With line mending superiority, I have personally found that the DT will fish better at longer distances too. Lay out a 60 footer and you'll see that it takes quite a bit of exaggerated rod manipulation to connect with the fly end and give it some action; also the hook setting qualities of the DT are never mentioned in these discussions and there is no doubt in my experience that a quick flip of the rod tip with the DT will set a hook at 50-60 feet, where the WF line loses speed in the slack you have in the line on the water and just doesn't get to the hook point.

End tapers and back tapers are another discussion and I think most of the concerns with presentation can be solved with the leader, but that's my opinion. In other words ...I could very well fish with a level line and fish well enough given a leader that will soak up some of the energy in the cast. I fish both WF and DT lines only because I can get a value price on the lines but if given the choice I'd fish the DT no problem, especially at + 50 foot distances.
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