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Default Re: The Sexyloops Mobile App flycasting instruction

Originally Posted by akos75 View Post
Hi Everyone,

We signed up as business members here to promote the unique product we have worked on for more than a year. It is an application for mobile phones and tablets with maybe the finest fly casting instruction you have ever experienced. 3 hours of HD video right in your hands. No video streaming, so after you have downloaded it you won't need internet connection anymore to watch. You can take this instructional video to a field, pond or river and learn each cast using Paul Arden's step-by-step teaching method in combination with numerous practice drills taught.

Paul Arden is an AAPGAI Master Instructor with 30 years of teaching experience. He is one of the world's best distance casters and owner of the Sexyloops website.

My name is Ákos Szmutni, I am an FFF Master Casting Instructor, writer and filmmaker. I am responsible for the filming side of the project.

You can download the app in AppStore for your iPhone and iPad and in Google Play for Android devices. Sexyloops

We have a free video section so you can test if the application works on your phone or tablet. You will need approximately 4GB space and a Wifi connection to download all the videos. Despite Apple's specifications it won't work on iPhone 3GS only on iPhone 4 and later.

We are very keen to have any feedback from the users. You can contact us via e-mail, on our Facebook site dedicated for the app: or on our main Facebook site:

If you have any specific questions on the casts taught in the videos we have a section on our board dedicated for the app: The Board • Index page After reading the flycasting threads on this great forum I am sure you will find many answers in the video for your casting related questions!

I hope you will enjoy the work we have done!



Click the image to open in full size.
This is great! I've been looking for something I could load on my Ipad, then take with me to the field behind the school or streamside while I practice my casting. It's one thing to look at a video on your computer, then drive somewhere to practice. It's another when you can take the classroom (Ipad with video lesson on it) with you.

It looks like each section is $1.99 with a total cost of $12 for the whole thing. Seems worth while to me!!

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