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Default St Croix Avid 7ft 9in?

Hi guys -

I'm new to this forum (tho' an old timer on the UK equivalent Fly Fishing Forums) and was hoping that someone could offer me some guidance on the current St Croix Avid 793-4 and / or 794-4?

Background: I'm casting around for a rod to target above-average sized trout and chub (16"+) in small overgrown urban chalkstreams (spring creeks) here in the UK. My go-to small stream rod is a 7ft 6in 1wt Orvis Superfine Trout Bum, which really is capable of a lot but can feel a little like carrying a knife to a gunfight for some of these fish I want to target...

I'm looking for a difficult combination of UL line stealth, delicacy to set but not ping off little dry flies, and then enough backbone to fight big nasty fish with some confidence at pretty close quarters. Not demanding at all, then

St Croix has occurred to me because I love my big old Legend Ultra 9ft 6wt for long-range stillwater work, which I almost never do anymore, but for which it seemed to have some of that magic combination. I've seen a mixture of comments about Avids across the internet - some complimentary, some not so - and wondered what the current consensus might sound like.

All thoughts much appreciated!

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