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Default Re: A Step Further.. What if we stocked Bugs?

Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
Really? So was there once a good hatch of salmonflies in the river? Or is Colorado just over-managing the resource again to create a "better" fishing experience and more business? As if the Arkansas River needs it.


Well a quick google answered my question. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife's "Upper Arkansas River Management Implications" states that is has long been "suggested to introduce a large forage item into the Arkansas River biota to boost trout growth and fitness." They decided the pteronarcys californica best fit the bill ... which I reckon is better than some foreign shrimp or such thing. But I find this messing with the ecology of a river for simple human pleasure gain a slippery slope.

It's on page 6.

It is my understanding that prior to the mining pollution, there was a salmonfly hatch on the Arkansas. The quote that you offer does not appear to be inconsistent with this.
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