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Default Re: Overhead Rod position fighting trout

I almost never hold the rod in the Orvis pose. Fish tend to jump more when the rod is held high. I like keepin' the rod at a 45* angle to my body, either to the right or left of me depending whta the fish in doin'. With shorter rods, or when using conventional gear, you can even plunge the rod tip into the wter to keep the fish from jumping. This especially useful when fishing for bass, as they tend to like to jump. Watching them jump is fun, and if its a smaller fish I love letting it jump all over, but it also alows slack in the line and lends the fish a chance to come down on the leader. Lost my first bass hoook-up of '09, a fish close to 17" by horsing the fish and pulling almost straight up on it, causing it to jump. When it came down the hook popped free and I was left with a slightly mangled bugger.
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