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Default Re: Cracking the whip

forgive me for bumping an old thread here but i can't resist.
get out in a large open area get the line out in front of you on the ground. Make the back cast an stop....... let the line fall on the ground.... make the forward motion and as you do feel the line loading the rod, the line does not move forward as fast as the rod so the tip bends back. when you come to a compleat stop on the front cast the line will zip forward and you will feel the line load the rod tip again, you will feel it pull the rod tip forward before the line drops to the ground.
With the line in front make that deliberate back cast again and make sure you come to a deliberate stop and this time just take note of that feeling of the line passing you by and the loading of your rod towards the rear.
just keep doing this exercise 20 times. you will feel the loading on both the start of your cast and while you are waiting for that line to finish and load your rod again.
later you will feel that backward loading of that rod and that should be your trigger that it is the right time to make your forward motion in your cast.
you won't believe how long a time that really is and in the excitement of a stream you will find yourself rushing that stop period a lot and you will loose the power to make a clean straight cast. just remember that the whole key to fly casting is letting that rod load.
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