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Default Re: Pike / Muskie fishing

Dan, what's your problem? Can't stand someone else having an independent opinion that doesn't agree with you, so you need to attack, belittle and mis-quote?

I never said I "hated" the Reynolds fly. I just said I prefer mine and find it less trouble and just as (or more) effectve. The fact that a 4 1/2 foot pike didn't eat it means nothing...or have EVERY fish that followed the Reynolds fly hit? I doubt it. So yes, I've disagreed...and so have you, very agressively, too. I've said from the beginning I'll do what I want, and you do your thing. That doesn't bother me at all. Cast those heavy, waterlogged flies all you want. You have plenty of company. I'll stick with my favorites, not work as hard, and, I'm sure, catch as many, and as may big ones, as you. Your love of Barry's fly doesn't threaten me, why should I apparently threaten you?

By the way, do you KNOW he caught his record on a bunny streamer? He recommends many different patterns in his books. Maybe it was one of those.
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