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Default Re: A Step Further.. What if we stocked Bugs?

Mysis in lakes is a bad idea. It has had a negative impact on the north Idaho lakes. The mysis compete with the zoo plankton that the Kokanee feed on.

With regards to other insects, Cache valley anglers did a stocking of Salmonflies in the Logan river from the Nearby Blacksmith fork river. However this stocking was done under the eye of a trained entomologist from USU.

They studied historical journals to find out the Salmonflies had once been abundant on the Logan river. For some unkown reason they dissappeared. They then raised Salmonflies in traps to make sure they could survive. For several years nympns and later adults were transferred to the Logan. I have not heard an update in several years on this.

One of the biggest issues in changes in insect communities is changes in water temperature. In some cases the colder water does not allow for certain insects to complete their life cycle. Lee's Ferry is the perfect example of water being so cold that basically no mayflies survive.

Another is oxygen content of the water below a reservoir. Some older reservoirs may have oxygen problems leading to the dissappearance of certain species. A good example of this is the Provo river in Utah. The middle has it's full compliment of insects. The dam is designed with a selective withdrawal feature. The water is then sprayed onto a plate so that it immediatly gets the proper levels of O2. Green Drakes abound on the middle, but are rarely seen on the lower.

What I am trying to say is this is something that is being done, but it must be done under supervision with a lot of study, and it may not work.
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