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Default Re: Trip Recommendations for solo angler

Originally Posted by ted4887 View Post
Thanks oregonism! I'm going to look into that. I'm always interested in keeping trips budget friendly. I found that Paul Petty's name came up as a local guide on the island. Any experience with him, or other local guides?
I didn't actually get a guide because my wife and I were on a pretty extreme budget when we went for our honeymoon. It was a little foolish in retrospect, but I still had a great time. I met a few guides at one of the bars, and they all seemed very professional... they typically just take clients out to walk Savannah Sound, which has a large amount of fish. A tip to save money: don't drink beer. Drink rum! Rum is $3/liter and beer is $50 a case. We spent like $300 on beer our first two weeks, which was pretty dumb

Oh, and on a side note: fly color is important and seemed different than most fly color advice I've read. I didn't catch a fish until I switched to pink Gotchas (from more subtle white or tan), and I met another guy that was using these really flashy orange and red gotchas and catching fish. Basically, bring lots of colors and be willing to experiment. There isn't a fly shop last I checked too, so bring lots of flies and backup equipment if you can. Guides probably provide some flies as well. I also met a guy that was fishing little rubber gummy minnows and knocking them dead... probably can't hurt to have a few as a last resort.
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