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Default Re: Fly fishing in Germany help

Originally Posted by theboz View Post
Kelly's got it right! Very strict rules and enforcement! Learned the hard way in the 70s when a farmer told my German speaking gf that I could fish a lake near Bremeraven. I was wondering why all the guys with euro tackle on the banks were staring at me fly fishing and releasing Bach Forellen (Brown Trout the only German word I knew beside beer!).then the constable came and wanted to lock me up!Still don't know what went wrong to this day but that was my extent of German fishing!
Today, C&R is basically banned in Germany, but I don't know what the situation was in the 70s. Maybe you strolled up to the wrong lake.

In Switzerland we have a similar law. Fishing with the "intent" to catch and release a fish isn't allowed. How someone determines that intent is beyond me. Releasing fish that are undersized or protected is the law, but you can also release non-targeted species and fish for "ecological reasons". The only fish you are absolutely required to kill are non-natives (rainbows, sunfish, etc.)

Honestly, if I were going to Germany, wanted to spend a day fishing, and I didn't speak German, I'd probably just go ahead and hire a guide. I find it all confusing enough and I'm fluent...
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