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Default What Did I Do Wrong???

Just got back from Pigeon Forge, Tenesse. Got about 2 hours on the Little Pigeon River.I tied on a bugger, black with gold ribbing. I pinched on a BB 3 shot. Made enough casts with the bugger to know the fish weren't bightin' it. Then I saw the rises. At first I thought I was raindrops fallin' from the trees. But no, these were honest to goodness rises. So I tied on a drie, a yellow Never Sink Caddis to be exact. No luck. So I checked the bugs. Not sure what they were, but they were around size 18 and dark.And they bit. So I tied on a peacock midge. By now I I had reached a fairly slow moving stretch that passed under a tree before going into a sort of rapids. I saw a couple rises. First cast with the peacock midge and THWACK, something nailed it. I set the hook and came up empty.I repeated this seen around 6 times. I even waited till I saw the leader twitch before setting. No fish. So now I'm thinkin' these are smutting trout, so I tie on a black and peacock. Several more strikes. No hookups. I work my way back down stream now to where I started fishing, a medium paced riffle that is rather broken, but not quiet to much for dries. I decide to try a nymph, so I tie on a brassie and put an indicator to fit the depth of the water on. Maybe ten casts later the indicator shoots upstream. I set the hook, feeling the fish for a second, but then the hook slips and the fish is gone. I'm confident the hit was not a rock. After a while with no real strikes on the nymph I've reached a spot where man has left his mark in the form of a gravel bar made from stones from a river. The bar is curved, extending around a third to a half of the way into the river. The bar at its highest is around two inches above the water, which is aroun six to twelve inches deep. It creates a push, were the water slows before pouring over into a frothy swirling area behind the bar. I fish the entire area around this structure with a yellow Neversink Caddis, elicting several strikes, but again, no hookups. I end my time having a pitty party on the gravel bar while slinging a marabou leech deal. LOL. The area I was fishig wasn't the best, being an area where the fish are stockies that have a hard time reaching ten inches. I saw and counted quite a few 2&3&4 inch fish and got 'em to bite but couldn't even catch them. I had a lot of fun, and surprised myself with what I could do, but one thing I couldn't do was hook a trout. What did I do wrong, how can I fix it, and did my fishing tactics match the conditions and locations??????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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