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Default Re: How do you know if a line is too heavy for a rod?

Originally Posted by easterncaster View Post

A 6 is what I learned on, on sunfish, as a kiddo wading a lake shore. I recommend it unless your son is not yet up to strength to wield it.

A 6 will easily throw a popper to panfish - this is important - you want to set up your son for success; limit difficulty, kill frustration.

A 6, IMHO, will take more abuse than a 4.

again, IMHO,


My son is a 22-year-old, 6' 4" MOOSE. He is strong enough to fish with a flag pole. But he does have his challenges, mostly related to what we all believe was undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome. And he is still waaaay on the clumsy side. I always thought he would grow out of it but I think he is what he is.

At least he is attempting to fish these days. He went with me about four times this past summer while he was home from college and not working. He went TWICE as many times this year than he ever agreed to go the other 21 years of his life. I had to actually re-teach him how to spin cast!

I offered my 9-foot 5wt to him to try since I was catching gill all over the place and all he was doing was getting bird's nests. I showed him how to roll cast since I knew he wouldn't pay any attention to people who walk a trail that was right behind us about ten feet. He instantly was able to cast alright. It took me a month of practicing to get where he was in three casts.

And he caught fish. A bunch of them. Then he caught multiple bluegill the other times we went out. He tried to look disinterested but you tell he was really happy. He doesn't get happy much and those times were special to me.

So that is why I bought this thing. He can smack it on whatever or drop it or do some other odd thing to it because, well, those things happen to the poor kid. But I also know that whenever he really comes to like something, he takes really good care of it. I am hoping this becomes one of those things he takes a liking toward.

That way, I can get him a nice outfit in the future and I will get something even better: a great fishing partner.
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