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Default Re: What Did I Do Wrong???

I was going to say that you may have been trying to set the hook too quickly, but that wouldn't have been the case with the nymph.

If you go back out there, take a (nail) file to your hooks and sharpen them. See if that gets you more hook ups. If that doesn't work, my next suggestion would be to put a little bend on the curved part of the hook. What I mean by that is, if you are looking straight down over the hook, you will only be able to see the shank and not the curved portion of the hook as it will be lined up under the shank. Put a slight bend on the hook so that the shank and the hook point are not parallel. A combination of sharpening your hooks and the bent hook should help out.

As I said though, I would just try sharpening the hooks first. Introducing the bend in a hook also introduces a weak spot in the metal. However, if the bend is slight, it is far more likely that the line will still break before the hook ever does.

Whenever I tie up bigger hooks (size 10 or less), I always pre-sharpen my hooks with a file. On big streamers (particularly with marabou tails), I will usually put a slight bend on the hook. I've had too many trout hit the end of a streamer (striking at the tail of a streamer) and have the hook scrape right out of thier mouth without catching.

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