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Default bead substitute

Ok, I am a budget fly tyer, in other words, I am cheap

Being cheap, I never seem to be able to bring myself to spend the money required to acquire a respectable tungsten bead assortment. I do have plenty of larger beads which I generally use for giant #10 Hare's ear and Princes etc. (My reasoning for having plenty of big beads is that I would rather have a giant prince or Hare's ear, weighted+bead, as a lead fly than a split shot.)

I always seem to regret not having tiny tung beads once I sit down at the bench however and yet I am always too cheap to fork out the dough for tiny beads when at the Fly shop. I know what the simple solution is here but since when was simple any fun?

So my question is this: Will the fish, in my case trout, notice the difference between a few wire wraps at the head of a #20+ nymph and a tungsten bead?
(I am thinking of #20, 22 zebra midges, Higa's SOS etc.)

One last question: Can fish tell the difference between gold beads and silver ones or are these colors simply for the eye of the tier?

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