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Default Re: Need Some Fishing Destinations in Alaska for my Summer Trip

Get a copy of the Alaska Roadside Angler's Guide by Gunnar Pedersen

Lots of web-cams can be found by searching. Look for Russian River Ferry DOT. It was too long to copy.

Check out the run charts which will tell which salmon are running when and where.

This would be my trip itinerary once you reach Anchorage you can fish all along the way until you get to ANC but I haven’t done that (yet).

The Kenai and Russian rivers in July, peak of the Red run on the Kenai, good trout on the Russian, crowded everywhere! Lots of lakes to fish on the Kenai if you have canoe, kayak, etc.

When you get tired of that head up the Parks Highway to Fairbanks. Great places to fish all along the way, Willow Creek, Montana Creek. Do not miss the Roadhouse in Talkeetna get the sourdough pancakes. You can take Mahay’s Jet Boat service to Clear Creek from Talkettna.

No need to go all the way to Fairbanks unless you want to do a fly-out to Dune Lake. Maybe one of the best kept secrets in AK. He flies to several lakes - much more than pike fishing. There is good grayling fishing around Fairbanks.

If no go for Fairbanks turn right on the Denali Highway at Cantwell to Paxson - follow Gunnar’s advice all along the way. McClaren River Lodge (mile 42) will take you upriver and drop you off for some grayling. Don’t miss Tangle Lakes. And then what is becoming my favorite the Gulkana River. The river runs through Paxson. Go north for some of the best grayling fishing to be found anywhere.

South of Paxson is suppose to be very good rainbow and salmon fishing (if in season) haven’t gotten to do that yet. This is where my experience runs out. Suppose to be great fishing all the way to Valdez. Hope to find out soon maybe even this summer.

God Bless!

Doug Lane

Now that I think about it I might have reacted to quickly. Thinking about Alaska will do that. I am use to flying into Anchorage and then making the LOOP. We did drive up in 2010 and since you are driving I might consider reversing the course.

When you get to Tok I'd take the Tok Cuttoff to Glennallen from there you could go south to Valdez or North towards to Fairbanks or the Denali highway and hit the Gulkana, Paxson, etc.

I would not miss being on the Russian in Sepetember if I was going to be in AK that long. It is not nearly as crowded as in the summer and the trout are cleaning up on the dead salmon.

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