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Default First post-from St. Louis, MO

Hello everyone,
I just joined the forum because I'm getting back in to fly fishing after a 5 year hiatus (sp?). I grew up in Houston, TX and have fished ever since I could hold a rod with a fish on the other end (I have pictures of me at age 3 with bass and bluegill). My grandmother in Vicksburg, MS taught me how to fish and I spent my summers growing up with her hopping from one farm pond to another. I fished in lots of bass tournaments growing up and when I went to college in Nacogdoches, TX I started flyfishing after visiting an outdoor shop called Backcountry in Tyler, TX. I fished for bass in many ponds and lakes in the East Texas area (behind the Pine Curtain)with my sit-on-top kayak every chance I got and learned to tie flies as well. My wife and I decided to move up to St. Louis, MO for me to pursue a masters degree but after a year or so I decided to hold off on school and just 'live' for a while. But when we moved here I sold everything I could to help fund our move (including my kayak, rods, tying kit, etc., etc. - but I kept my flies). But for father's day this year, my wonderful wife bought me a new 5wt TFO outfit because I'd been hankering some fly fishing! She did this in cahoots with my best friend (who's a fly fisher also) as a complete surprise.
I'm now in the process of finding the best bluegill water I can within an hour of the St. Louis area and am open to suggestions! I've been to several 'city ponds' in the great little parks around here and am going to give the Busch Wildlife (30+ lakes of varying sizes open to the public) area a try in the morning. I'd like to try trout fishing too, but would like to ease back into flyfishing with the thing I'm familiar with - warmwater fishing.
I didn't read some of the other 'introductions' so I hope I've given the right sort of information!
Anyway, I'm glad to be a part of this group - it seems like a great group of people that I look forward to getting to know better.
Let me know if any of you live in my area and maybe we can go fishing sometime!
Chris Barclay
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