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Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly Casting Video by Winston

jsx -- absolutely. This thread is definitely really only of interest to the folks who really enjoy analyzing casting and enjoy the mechanics of it, etc.

Lefty is ignoring the real issue. What is the easiest and best casting stoke to teach beginners? Most beginners will be casting while wading on rivers, or from a boat; and the low elbow sidearm style that sweeps that wider sideways path is not as useful as the elbow forward overhead style that places the cast above the caster.
This is a funny topic, because an elbow-forward caster would obviously find that style more useful to beginners since it is most useful to themselves. However, a side-elbow cast could be just as effective in the sense that it's very easy to watch your backcast with this style (without doing a weird lean-back, neck crane a la sexy loops). It also beats the wind extremely well vs. a direct overhead cast. Actually, in SW I can't see using the elbow-forward style (at least not the extreme kind) for SW fishing over the side-elbow style. I'm sure people do it -- but I can see some advantages to the side-elbow style in this situation.

I really only like one thing about the front-elbow style -- and that is the ability to really pull to a hard *stop* and get excellent line speed. Other than that, it's just weird to me.

BTW -- the Steve R. video posted earler where he's standing on a platform is odd because his forward cast looks a lot to me like he's "pushing" that elbow similar to......what I do on long distance casts with my side-elbow style .

I'm uploading a video of myself at a fairly short distance -- the phone is really slow, but it's coming. The style is very clear in the video . It looks a lot more ugly than I'd like, but that's how I cast!

The main disadvantage I see with my own side-elbow style is that it can be more easy to throw tailing loops if you don't smooth out your stroke well. There's no denying it -- the elbow-forward sytle is more immune to this. I've smoothed out mine, but occasionally with excitement I'll throw what I call *micro tailers out there (where a very small portion of leader tails just a tad, but not enough to contact itself and knot up). I don't lose much sleep over it.

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