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Default Moving to the NW E/SE of Portland this year

Hi folks.

I should introduce myself as although i'm not new to FFF per-se I am new to FFF North America:

My name's Les Hudson and I currently live in the UK - Scotland to be precise. My wife is from WA and currently living in Battleground with her folks. I will be moving out to the NW to be with her once the visa process is completed - hopefully by the Summer.

My wife has a job in Portland and we are both hoping to find somewhere to live to the east or south-east of Portland - so maybe the outskirts of Gresham at a push, but preferably a little further out of the Portland metropolitan area, maybe Boring, Damascus or even Sandy (my personal preference ).

Through the UK FFF I was in touch with Fredaevans last year as I was advised, through the Scottish Wild Fishing Forum of which i'm a member (and so is he - hi Fred btw ) that he knew a thing-or-two about Oregon fishing, which, looking at the number of posts on here is clearly true! Fred was only able to give me very general advice (although welcome nonetheless) because my wife and I did not know at that stage where we were going to be living. Now we do.

Anyway, to cut to the chase as we say over here: assuming the areas mentioned are where we actually end up, it's obvious that my local river will be the Sandy. I've already done a fair amount of research, got the handle on permits, downloaded the relevant guides and regulations etc. so I know what's needed in terms of legal requirements within the Williamette Zone. What i'm scratching my head about a little bit though is the rules on exactly where on the Sandy anglers are allowed to fish (fly obviously although I very very occasionally do a bit of spinning but let's not talk about that ). I may be missing something obvious, in which case call me dumb if you like (you wouldn't be the first ), but, aside from the likes of obvious, listed places like Oxbow Park for instance, there seems little information on which other parts of the Sandy are legally accessible. I know the rules/laws about access to private land (which I assume lies adjacent to many stretches of the river) are different, but does that mean then that there are only a very few points where fly fishers can get on the water? how do I find out? I have done online searches but so far nothing has leapt out at me. Maybe i'm looking in the wrong places.

As well as Salmon and Steelhead fishing, I would be hoping to fish for trout. There is very little information on that, aside from the fact that there are Rainbow and Brook Trout and that, as far as I can ascertain, anglers are allowed and indeed encouraged to take the latter species as they're considered invasive?

I should add that I very much like the idea of getting into more remote areas, just like I do here in Scotland - packing a tent and a fly rod and fishing wild rivers and lochs/lakes. Again i'm not too certain about the rules regarding this activity and whether for instance additional fees and permits are required if you go to a particular wilderness area with fishing in mind. Any pointers/links would again be welcome. This wouldn't necessarily be in the Williamette Zone of course so I assume further permits would be needed unless there is any tradition of free fishing on more remote waters provided conservation rules don't prohibit this?

Finally, how far up the Sandy can fly fishers go? I know the upper part of the river on Mount Hood is preserved (can't remember how far down though. Don't have the documents in front of me). Also I read somewhere that the Marmot Dam was to be removed. Did this happen and if so what effect has this had on both the river, it's fish populations and permitted fishable areas?

Very sorry for the extremely long post but I thought I should make introductions and provide some background to why I was asking these questions.

Looking forward to speaking to future fellow NW fly fishers, and thanks in advance for any advice

Thanks also again Fred for your kind help.


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