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Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly Casting Video by Winston

Looking at the Joan Wulff roll cast video:

I don't have audio, but the roll cast she makes at 0:35 in the video doesn't look very good to me. She has driven the line into a pile down into the water is what it looks like to me. I wouldn't want to roll cast that way.

Good luck performing a roll cast pick-up with that stroke!

Is this an inherent disadvantage of the front-elbow cast?

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The rollcast at 1:25 in this video looks 100X better --

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Originally Posted by utah daveii View Post

I finally got a chance to look at all the videos. I posted the videos so you could see some different styles. All of the videos with the exception of Steve Rajeff are trying to find a way to lengthen their stroke. I noticed on your back cast that your stroke stays the same length no matter what the distance. The stroke length needs to change with your distance.

Like others have said, try casting different styles. You will always have a style that will be yours, but knowing and being able to cast different styles will make you a better caster.

Nice job and enjoy the world of getting better at casting. It is good to see someone have the passion and the desire to get better.

Sure thing -- I was false casting the same length of line, so no adjustment to stroke length was needed. I understand what you're saying and will be sure to do this when I keep extending my distance out there .
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