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Default Re: Source for "Bread Flys"

Hers a couple links. One of them is the egg yarn one that was posted by Frank before but theres a deer hair fly with it.

Bread Flies
Tying flies for carp
These are a few. I will look for more. These aren't my Ideas, but you could try a sucker spawn on a dry fly hook w/floatant, or pom pom balls.

Heres another link. Check out the second and third on the list:
Heres an article/pattern:

Heres a recipe:My favoured hook for this job is a Partridge Barbless Shrimp hook, Size 16, a good strong hook with an offset point to assist setting. White tying thread is wound down from the eye to the start of the bend and then dubbed with small pinches of white rabbit fur pulled from a typical zonker strip, when twisting the fur onto the thread i chose to ensure i only catch in about 10% of the furs length, and i wind the thread as many times as needed till the fur stands up vertically, working back toward the eye as we build it up should eventually amount to a pattern.
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