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Default Re: rods, reels and lines for smallies and such

Your line weight really applies more the size fly you are casting rather than the fish you are trying to catch. But there are circumstances that the fish decides your rod size. For some bass anglers their fishing is more like trout fishing in that they are on small streams or ponds, little to no wind, dead drifting buggers or poppers, 2lb bass. And if this is what you are doing its awesome. You don't really need the bigger rod for this. But for some of us bass fishing is on big bodies of water. We have wind, heavy cover, and some of us have really big fish. Out here in the Nebraska/ Colorado area we have 15-20mph wind on our calm days. You just can't punch a fly through that with a 4 or 5 wt. If you could bone fisherman would be using them instead of 9wts. And we have big fish. On any given day at one of our lakes you can come across pike, musky, wiper. I've seen a 12lb wiper rip 150 yards of backing off a 9wt in a matter of seconds. There is no such this as the one perfect set up. Each body of water and its fish will dictate what kind of gear you use. That's why there are so many different rods, reels, lines, and flies. Good luck with your search for advice. I think a spey or switch rod for white bass and smallies would be kind of neat to try.
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