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Default Re: Moving to the NW E/SE of Portland this year

Originally Posted by midgie hater View Post
Hi folks.

Anyway, to cut to the chase as we say over here: assuming the areas mentioned are where we actually end up, it's obvious that my local river will be the Sandy. I've already done a fair amount of research, got the handle on permits, downloaded the relevant guides and regulations etc. so I know what's needed in terms of legal requirements within the Williamette Zone. What i'm scratching my head about a little bit though is the rules on exactly where on the Sandy anglers are allowed to fish (fly obviously although I very very occasionally do a bit of spinning but let's not talk about that ). I may be missing something obvious, in which case call me dumb if you like (you wouldn't be the first ), but, aside from the likes of obvious, listed places like Oxbow Park for instance, there seems little information on which other parts of the Sandy are legally accessible. I know the rules/laws about access to private land (which I assume lies adjacent to many stretches of the river) are different, but does that mean then that there are only a very few points where fly fishers can get on the water? how do I find out? I have done online searches but so far nothing has leapt out at me. Maybe i'm looking in the wrong places.

As well as Salmon and Steelhead fishing, I would be hoping to fish for trout. There is very little information on that, aside from the fact that there are Rainbow and Brook Trout and that, as far as I can ascertain, anglers are allowed and indeed encouraged to take the latter species as they're considered invasive?

Finally, how far up the Sandy can fly fishers go? I know the upper part of the river on Mount Hood is preserved (can't remember how far down though. Don't have the documents in front of me). Also I read somewhere that the Marmot Dam was to be removed. Did this happen and if so what effect has this had on both the river, it's fish populations and permitted fishable areas?

Winter Steelhead begin entering the Sandy River with the first winter rains usually about the middle of December. The winter run winds down in March and a summer run of hatchery fish start entering. This fishery lasts until sometime in June for the spey rodder when the river warms and drops low. It then gets polluted with drinking rafters. The winter run consist of some wild fish and broodstock hatchery fish. The wild fish are ESA listed. Most of the walk in access for the spey angler is from Oxbow Park down and most of it is within the park. It is a big beautiful park with several nice runs. The river is easily floated from oxbow down giving access to much more water. Anglers may fish this water from a boat. Above the Oxbow boat ramp this is not allowed. The river above oxbow is much more technical requiring white water equipment and skills. Many guides both fly and gear offer floats on this section. Marmot dam was removed to provide more wild fish access to the upper river. Before the dam was removed hatchery winter fish were culled out there. The river gets alot smaller above the old dam site and access is limited. Although the Sandy has some trout it is not a good flyfishing trout stream in my opinion. Hatches are sparse, as they are on most west slope streams, and the fish are small and mostly salmoniod smolts. Most Portland area trout fishers head east of the cascades to Central Oregon. I hope this info helps... Let me know if you need any other general info...

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