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Default What is this bug?

I am pretty sure I'm going to feel foolish when I find out what I saw. It's gonna be obvious.

I already feel foolish because I didn't snap a pick of it. It had a very simple design however so I will give description a chance:

Went fishing today and, as I normally do I looked between and under rocks etc. to see what was going on. I saw a bunch of Baetis and some black stoneflies darkening up.

Then I saw, underneath about every other fist sized rock, what looks like a featureless caterpillar or grub. Dark brown stripe down the back light gray besides. Legs very much like a caterpillar. Obvious meaty sectioning from head to butt. no characteristic stonefly antennae tail etc. very fat, probably 1 and 1/2 inch in length. The butt end has a very stubby fibered tail darker than the brown back strip.

Tries to curl into a ball and stay still when you mess with it. Once relaxed it straightens out and works it's way back under rocks.

I feel like I do when I can't think of a popular actor's name. I know this bug and I'm gonna tie some up regardless as I'm sure trout can't resist a giant squishy meal like this when they come across it.
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