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Default Re: Silver Salmon August Run in the Kenai Peninsula Area- Information Please

Thanks Frank and mcnerney.

I was up there last year and fished the Kasilof and the Kenai in July. (Definitely wouldn't/couldn't do either of those without a boat. And the Russian was just combat fishing which doesn't appeal to me too much.) The thing I noticed last year was that even though the run charts showed "strong" runs for when I was there, all of the runs were late so there were only a few fish.

So I was really hoping to hear from someone like Ard who is there on the ground and might know what the locals are thinking as far as when the runs might be expected.

That being said I am starting to focus on the 18th to the 26th. But may push it back a week depending on what Ard has to say.

What rivers would you recommend for the charter flight option?
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