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Default Re: What rod weight/length/action is best for nymphing

I do LOTS of nymphing with a 9' rod. Almost every time I go out I wish I had a 10' rod. Next nymphing rod is going to be 10'. I'll probably wish I had gotten and 11' rod or maybe even a 13' rod. I was the same way when I used to own a boat.

With a 9' rod I can fish about any presentation I know how to do and that is probably the best place to start.

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Originally Posted by turbineblade View Post
How long is a piece of rope?

You're like to get a dozen opinions, all of them valid .

I'm happy nymphing with any rod 3-8 weight and 7-10' long.
Everyone knows a piece of rope is 9' long. Any longer than that is just called a rope. LOL!
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