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Default Re: Galveston Salt in April

Originally Posted by delopez View Post
I'm actually going to purchase a skiff later on this year for warm water flats. So if you don't mind taking it out, that will give me an idea if I actually want one or not.

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Skiffs are awesome. I got a small 16ft Carolina skiff. Not the newest but for my first its a great little boat. Im gonna run it to the ground and learning in the process

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Originally Posted by aggie182 View Post
I paddle and have 2 extra kayaks if this turns in to a group thing and I can make it, I can throw an extra kayak in the pick-up. If you ever need a partner in the skiff, let me know. I would be happy to split costs for a day of fishing whenever.
Aggie, for sure man.

I know you're on tkf as well and know youre full of knowledge so Im definitely up for a trip to the salt.

Maybe a couple of weeks from now we can head out. Already got plans for this weekend

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