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Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

it really wont matter at the time,as long as I have a rod and time >I'M ALL IN<!!!..reminds me of a time when I was in Ireland,hitting the pubs in Galway.
saw a gentleman in a fine tweed jacket,wool cap,smoking a pipe fly fishing.
I immediately ran up to the bridge to see what was goin was mainly tourists ,such as myself,taking pictures.WELL, AFTER LOOKING OVER,INTO THE WATER I SAW ALL THESE SALMON,,i couldn't get to our car fast enough,all I had w/ me in the bonnet was a light spinning set up.needless to say I grabbed a handful of spinners etc.RAN BACK AND HOPPED IN~!!!
THE LAUGHTER I GOT FROM THE LOCALS--"HEY LOOK AT THE YANK,LOOK AT THE YANK"--they didn't have to look too long as I nailed about 4 brown sea runs....soaking wet and smiling I dripped my way back to the car.
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