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Default Re: Floating line... WF or DT

Originally Posted by midgie hater View Post
I use both. For tough, clear rivers with slow flows trout I think a DT (assuming there's enough room behind to get the line properly arielised) offers a more delicate presentation and less chance of spooking already skittish trout.

Interesting discussion above about the properties of DT and WF. I agree there is a lot of misunderstanding out there on tapers.
Silver covers this question about 40 times a year.

DT lines are not more delicate than a WF line -- it all depends on the front taper. I have WF lines (like the rio trout LT) that are more delicate than almost any DT line you can buy.

DT lines are not inherently more delicate than WF lines!!!!!!!

If you fish small streams/rivers and will only cast short distances, use either.

IF you're fishing with a 3-weight or under fly line, a DT makes the most sense to me (since there isn't enough mass difference between the head and the running line of a WF line in these smaller sizes to take advantage of the shootability).

If you fish longer distances and would like to shoot more line to reach out, go for the WF line.

If you roll cast and mend over long distances, and/or like SH spey casting over longer distances, I prefer a DT line.

I like DT lines for nearly everything, but use a WF on my 8-weight.

An oversimplified rule of mine is <5-weight, go DT.
>5-weight go WF
if >5-weight and need to roll cast long distances, use a long-belly WF line (which handles more DT-ish)
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