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Default Re: Winston: anyone recognise this model?

Originally Posted by bear 007 View Post
It looks like its a 8' 3wt 2 3/8oz WT
That's what I think - they're hardly going to make an 8'3" rod in limited numbers for one customer (or any customer for that matter). I'll ping a message to Winston to see if they can confirm.

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Originally Posted by burk48237 View Post
I still think those old 8 1/2 foot WT's are great rods on smaller water like the Holy Water on the Ausable. I suspect if I could only have one only to trout fish MI it would be an 8 1/2 WT 5 weight to this day. And if you had all three (4-5-6) you could cover everything.
I had the revered 8'6" 5wt WT and thought it was like a broom handle compared to the GVX and BIIt. Too stiff in the butt compared to the other two. In this respect, I'm obviously an oddball.

If I get the rod referred to on this thread, it'll be with the intention of using it as a 4wt.

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