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Default Re: Wading staffs and LPU's.

Originally Posted by Fly2Fish View Post
Not to over-complicate what should be an easy question, but you need to consider which of two types you prefer. While both assemble from several sections, one screws together and the other has ferrules which slip into each other, all held together by a shock cord. The advantage of the latter type is that it "automatically" snaps together when you pull it from its storage holster, meaning that you don't have to "pre-assemble" it like you do with the screw-together models. However, it does have one disadvantage that the screw-together models do not - when the tip becomes jammed in between rocks, it can be disconcerting to pull on the wading staff and have it temporarily come apart.

Another thing to consider is which length suits your height better.
I am looking for one that automatically snaps together when taken out of its holster. I can see your point about it getting stuck between rocks and coming apart when you pull on it but I like being able to keep it tucked away in its holster until it is needed quickly.
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